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NASA Microencapsulation Technology

NASA discovered a way to turn ordinary beeswax into microcapsules, tiny beads of wax with hollow centers. The microcapsules absorb dangerous chemical toxins, neutralize them, and then dissolve. They call it PRP: "Petroleum Remedation Product." Developing this technology into producs for home and industry is a good example of public-prive sector cooperation. this is the company that sells products based on PRP. Plus, they are looking for distributors. Here is an article that mentions NASA's discovery. Excerpt:

Just because there is NASA-developed technology used for non-aerospace applications doesn't mean that you use it in your day-to-day life. Some NASA technology is used more frequently for industrial applications.

This includes a noteworthy invention that is used to clean up oil spills. It consists of microcapsules of beeswax that stimulate the microbes to consume the oil. This makes use of NASA microencapsulation technology developed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. Not only does this product stimulate microbial life to remove the oil, the beeswax spheres actually absorb oil into their hollow centers and dispose of it safely. It is important that the oil is not allowed to settle, another reason why this technology is so effective. This is just one example of NASA inspired technology that benefits our daily lives indirectly by improving the condition of the overall environment.

If the video above does not show, link to Youtube.

More Bioremediation Products natural replacements for petro-based products. top EPA approved bioremediation products for oil spills.

DCL Biosolv a new bioremediation product designed specifically for use with soil and groundwater contaminated with chlorinated solvents and certain other contaminants including pesticides, nitroaromatics and oxidised heavy metals. By Telluric Land Remediation, based in Cardiff, Wales. Contractors who provide environmental management solutions using phytoremediation, phytosequestration, phytovolatilization, phytostabilization, and rhizodegradation

job offer FMC Corporation announced the launch of its new anaerobic bioremediation ELS product, an emulsified lecithin substrate designed to enhance in-situ anaerobic bioremediation of groundwater containing chlorinated contaminants. ELS product combines lecithin with a surfactant - both food grade - to support the growth of bacteria that degrade chlorinated organic contaminants in groundwater. As a stable, concentrated emulsion, it is easily diluted with cold water at project sites and is suitable for use under a wide range of conditions. ELS can treat chlorinated solvents, chlorobenzenes, haloalkanes, pesticides and organic explosive compounds, giving it potential for use at dry cleaners, military bases, and manufacturing plants, among other sites.

Prairie Oil Field of Canada begins to use bioremediation RATHWELL, MB, CANADA--(Marketwired - May 31, 2013) - Hutech21Co. Ltd. (PINKSHEETS: CLGZF), d.b.a. Prairie Oil Field Services Ltd. ("Prairie Oil Field" or "the Company"), a mining, manufacturer and distributor of crushed gravel and sand materials in North America, announced today that it plans to negotiate the licensing of a biotreatment process that can provide year round, quick, simple and efficient solution to dispose of contaminated soils. The technology is completely natural and does not represent a threat to human health, plants and animals. In fact, all the microorganisms used are included in the list of substances authorized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. "What makes this process different from other biotechnologies is its superior effectiveness and ability to quickly attain results -- turning contaminated, wasted soil into revenue-generating, reusable soils," said Darcy Hird, President and CEO of Prairie Oil Field.

MB Bioremediation by Drylet* is listed in the EPA National Contingency Plan (NCP) Product Schedule. It delivers hundreds of billions of live microorganisms that consume petroleum-based products including: gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, motor oil, solvents, alcohols, kerosene, methylene chloride, methanol, glycols, crude oil, waste oil, oily sludge, BTEX, AFFF waste, pipeline condensate, acrylonitrile, MTBE, cresol, toluene, oil-based paints, inks, and paint thinner.

BioSolve Spill Remediation BioSolve Pinkwater for oil/fuel vapor suppression, soil remediation, tank cleaning and spill cleanup. It does not contain any bacteria, enzymes or active biological material. However, Pinkwater will accelerate bioremediation by making hydrocarbon molecules more readily digestible by bacteria that are naturally present in the environment. In fact, hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria naturally produce surfactants in order to facilitate digestion of hydrocarbons. Therefore, the role of Pinkwater in bioremediation is to accelerate this naturally occurring process. example

Re-vegetate contaminated sites "Along with partners Waterloo Environmental Biotechnology Inc. (WEBi) and the University of Waterloo, we developed an innovative phytoremediation Phytoremediation is the use of plants to extract, degrade, contain and immobilize chemicals, including petroleum hydrocarbons and salt, from the soil using a technology called PEPS. Our scientifically and commercially proven system uses naturally occurring soil rhizobacteria plus agricultural amendments and scientific methodologies designed for site specific conditions and characteristics. PEPS generates vigorous above and below ground plant growth that results in rapid remediation of soils contaminated with hydrocarbon, salt and some trace metals."

Landau Inc. Environmental contractors that use natural methods. click on "Bio-Clean" for enzyme septic system product. * Make your own Sauerkraut, containing healthy gut microbes.

Sea-Chem Synergistic System A New Approach to Contaminated Land: Sea Power 101, BioBoost; they have bacteria strains to digesting soil contaminants; certain strains of pseudomonas within it can actually metabolize BTEX chains, something previously thought impossible.

Geosyntec Consultants solving complex environment, natural resources, and civil infrastructure problems

Remediact(TM) Bioremediation Powder Hydrocarbon-digesting microbes turn oil spills on soil into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

2012 Olympics bioremediation - the London Olympics marked the successful bioremediation and regeneration of 500 acres of former industrial land polluted with chemical fertilizers, landfills toxins, soil, and groundwater pollution. This victory represents one of the world's largest brownfield regeneration projects. The company responsible for the clean-up is Regensis Excerpt from the article:

"Subsoil remediation for the Aquatic Centre site began in November 2007, using dual-phase vacuum extraction (DPVE) to remove the LNAPL. But with construction slated to start the following April, it was clear that DPVE alone would not be sufficient to remediate the dissolved-phase hydrocarbon plume. An in situ solution became the only viable option.

In situ enhanced bioremediation, a widely accepted and well-understood natural biodegradation process, was chosen to clean up this portion of the site. This approach utilizes indigenous microbes to aerobically biodegrade petroleum hydrocarbons in-place. The actual process is facilitated using an injectable, REGENESIS' Advanced Oxygen Release Compound (ORC Advanced®). Upon hydration and injection, this powder-like material accelerates aerobic bioremediation by releasing molecular dissolved oxygen for periods up to 12 months on a single application. Without this valuable oxygen supply, the required aerobic bioremediation processes either cease or proceed at very slow rates.

The patented Controlled-Release Technology (CRT) in ORC Advanced allows for an efficient, long-term release of oxygen which provides optimal conditions for sustained aerobic biodegradation. CRT also saves time and money during implementation by eliminating the need for multiple oxygen release compound applications.

Additionally, ORC Advanced® was applied at the LAC site using direct-push injection. This application approach is highly efficient as it requires no permanent well installation, above-ground piping or mechanical equipment and after application, no operational costs or further site disturbance."

Bio World USA BioWorld Hydrocarbon Treatment is listed on the EPA NCP Product Schedule under Bioremediation Agents. This enables federal on-scene coordinators to authorize the use of BioWorld for oil spill cleanups. Check out their page at click here.

Ecolotree Iowa-based engineering company that designs, installs, and maintains engineered forests to phyto-remediate sewage, landfills, and chemical spill sites.

Bioremediation Consulting Inc. (BCI) Announces Development of the First Commercial Culture to Degrade Highly Chlorinated Polychlorinated Biphenyls

Liquatex bioremediation products "eat" oil

Mariner's Choice

Cemcor Environmental Services (CES) Joins Tersus Environmental as Sales and Marketing Business Partner Ohio based CemcorEnvironmental Services (CES) will expand itsgroundwater remediation product line for enhanced bioremediation. The expanded product line includes Tersus' complete family of electron donors for enhanced anerobic bioremediation, peroxygens (TersOx), and the MicroBlower, a passive soil vaporextraction technology patented by the DOE's Savannah River National Laboratory as well as iSOC, HiSOC and gPRO from inVentures which Tersus is the exclusive worldwide representative for. CES, led by Craig Marlow, will help support Tersus Environmental's continued commitment to providing outstanding customer service and assistance, helping to ensure superior remediation outcomes. "We are excited to expand our product line to include the Tersus family of soil and groundwater remediation technologies into the Great Lakes Region," Craig said.

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