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Products & Contractors - page 2 Bionetix International produces biological waste treatment products that are used in thousands of field applications worldwide. The Biological Series of products—among the earliest products introduced by Bionetix Canada—can be found in use in countless food preparation and processing locations in the United States, Europe, South America and Asia. These products have been accepted by numerous municipalities around the world. Golder offers a comprehensive rehabilitation and closure planning service which includes regulatory compliance assessment, public consultation, setting of closure and final land use objectives, impact assessment, mitigation plan development, design and implementation. Global. Manufacturer of biological products. Based in Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA our products are marketed worldwide through our network of international and domestic distributors. Custom produces a wide variety of high quality, concentrated biological products for use in a number of environmental application. Catalina Biosolutions' simple, passive, gravity system works really well when used in conjunction with our Carbon Biocritters. In one of our popular products, we grow our microbes on and in small carbon pellets. The resultant plate counts are enormous. Since a tablespoon of carbon pellets contain the surface area of a football field, you can imagine the nooks and crannies available for the microbes to live and breed in. Certified Trauma Specialists (CTS) providing bio-remediation (decontamination) services for crime and trauma scenes (including suicide or attempted-suicide, unattended death, vehicular accidents, and industrial/home accidents), obsessive hoarding (trash houses), and Police/Emergency Vehicle/Jail Cells/Coroner cleaning, decontamination and deodorizing.

linkedin bioremediation group

SCD Probiotics Organic Probiotic Technology for a Sustainable Future, browse technical documents

IRSL: InSitu Remediation Services Limited, Canadian bioremediation contractor: "One of Canada's most experienced remediation companies, InSitu Remediation Services Ltd. (IRSL) has designed, implemented, and maintained soil and groundwater remediation programs in diverse geological environments in North, Central, and South America, Europe and the Middle East." a U.S. based company that provides advanced green technologies and specialized equipment for large scale water pollution remediation and restoration of lakes, rivers and shorelines. environmental projects & phytoremediation Innovative Microbials - water, soil, groundwater, consumer products, industry - striking a deal to have their products used in the Gulf clean-up oil spill clean-up using bioremediation

CMS H2O Systems International, Inc. bioremediation products for oil spills, like in the Gulf

Enviro Tech International, Inc. green cleaning products, including for the Gulf oil spill clean-up products for the gulf leading provider of microbes for biofuel and bioremediation soil contamination bioremediation

Bac-Out Bac-Out live enzyme household cleaners from Biokleen (available at Whole Foods, Sunflower Market, etc.)

Bob's Aqua Care biological pond supplements, this site is offline, but see interview below*

Nutrafin makers of Cycle biological aquarium supplement, available through all pet stores

Nature's Miracle biological pet stain and odor remover (available through all pet stores)

Roebic Laboratories, Inc. bacillus bacteria products for septic tanks, agricultural, and other uses (available through most hardware stores) bioremediation products for soil, farming, gardening organic gardening products that use probiotics. progressive products for improving soils and crops, and solving numerous environmental problems. The company began by developing its flagship product MultiFIX™ Soil and Crop Enhancer. MultiFIX™ provides the proper compounds and substrates required by soil microbes and plants to grow the highest quality crops with better taste and greater nutrient value bioremediation products to unclog grease traps

Mosquito Dunks - organic tablets of Bacillius Thuringiensis Israelensis (BTI), microbes that eat mosquito larvae, used in ponds and water gardens, available at Lowes, Ace, Home Depot, etc., and on the Internet. See * * Evora Plus probiotic mints for humans - whitens teeth, improves breath, and gum health.

Microbe supplement for pets Teddys Pride and other probiotic health for dogs, cats, and other animals - whitens teeth, improves breath, etc., just put a scoop on pet's food. Super Green food for vitamins, minerals, and super probiotics. Mix with water and drink. (Editor's Note: this is the one I use to restore hair growth - the good bacteria eats bad bacteria on the scalp, allowing hair to grow back where it is thinning. This is not advertised, but is one of the benefits of this product.) probiotic green drinks and other organic health products.

Seaweed toothpaste - adding enzymes from seaweed microbes to toothpaste could provide better protection against tooth decay, scientists believe. Editor's note: good idea, and another of the multi-uses of Dr. Ben Kim's greens.

Fruit Enzyme Scrub by MyChelle Dermaceuticals, exfoliant with enzymes to remove dead skin cells and blackheads.

High Country Kombucha organic fermented drink made with beneficial flora for the digestive system. This is the only commercially available kombucha that contains the full spectrum of probiotics available from the kombucha mushroom. Their brochure lists probiotic content: gluconacetobacter obediens, dekkera anomala, dekkera bruxellensis, z. kombuchaensis. It contains enzymes, antioxidants and polyphenols.

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