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HOME BIOREMEDIATION PRODUCTS (see more, click here) Dr. Hemp Natural Pet Bedding Bayou Boy Natural Reptile Bedding (sm. box) Bayou Boy Natural Reptile Bedding (lg. box) Kengro BioSorb Organic Absorbent (sm. box) Kengro BioSorb Premium Organic Absorbent (lg. box)

EnviroLogic Life Science for Industry grow your own food and medicinal mushrooms, brought to you by leading mycologist and author Paul Stamets global bioremediation contractor

Cemcor Remediation Services remediation contractor Bioremediation products for oil drilling waste, saltwater, saltwater soil bioremediation products, a publicly traded company

Monmouth Bio Products providers of water and soil bioremediation using friendly bacteria.

LBI Renewable news: A product made by LBI Renewable from beetle-killed trees was recently listed as one of 21 products to meet Environmental Protection Agency requirements for use in emergency oil spill response. see article - click here

Probiotic Solutions wastewater treatment with Micro Carbon Technology-based nutrient packages that enhance existing microbial activity.

Lambda Bioremediation Systems, Inc. The Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority has awarded contracts for cleanup of oil polluted soil at a former Jeep factory site in central Toledo. Work funded by a Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund grant.

Tersus Environmental Innovative sustainable green technologies for groundwater and soil remediation

Olive Green Singapore
Olive Green is a Singapore based company that develops, manufactures and distributes corn starch based bioplastic, Origo, in the form of disposable tableware, carrier bags and other packaging—CornWare, CornBag, CornPack.
Olive Green is determined to resolve the challenges brought forth by global warming as characterized by mankind's dependency on petroleum based plastics, so as to create a truly sustainable future through the consistent development and utilization of a range of high quality, revolutionary biological plastics, perpetuated strictly by core values of vocational and constitutional integrity.

Gazprom introduces new biodegradation agent to help degrade oil spills
Russian-based company Gazprom has introduced a new oil biodegradation agent called 'Bioros' that can help degrade oil spills.
The company commissioned the new agent at the facility of the Safe Technologies company in St Petersburg.
A biodegradation agent eliminates oil spills using special micro-organisms, which feed on oil products such as fuel, diesel fuel, lubricants, air and water, and clean up soils, subsoils and water sources.

Market Watch MC Endeavors, Inc. Announces Signed Distributorship and Strategic Partnership with LBI Renewable MCE to Sell LBI's Biodegradable Absorption Products in Texas & Haiti. The Buffalo, Wyoming based company, which manufactures 100 percent natural, patent pending sorbents and bioremediation agents, was founded in 2007.

Krueger Enterprises This company makes a spectrum of microbial products for the home, including N.O.C. and N.O.C.-Plus (Natures Odor Catalyst - microbial); and B.O.S.S. (Bacterial Odor & stain Stopper). And many other natural cleaning products.

BioCleaner has been issued an Environmental Technology Verification certificate by the Department of Science and Technology and is recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency. sells a variety of friendly fungus, including mycorrhiza fungus products, which help plants grow. Natural beneficial fungus is stripped from the soil when developers scrape and pack a building site.

Advanced Microbial Services products for soil remediation The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has listed Pro-Act Biotech's OilClean bioremediation agent for oil-contaminated environments on the EPA National Contingency Plan Product Schedule. The non-invasive, innovative, and self-powered OilClean system automatically distributes oil-eating microbes, nutrients, and oxygen and features onsite and remote system management capabilities. OilClean combines biological and patented technologies to naturally degrade oil and restore oil-polluted ecosystems. A joint venture between Pro-Act Biotech and EcoSolutions LLC, it is the only system available that optimizes treatment by monitoring water quality in the treatment zone to balance nutrients and dissolved oxygen to achieve efficient and reliable results.

oil-clean.netThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has listed Pro-Act Biotech's OilClean™ bioremediation agent for oil-contaminated environments on the EPA National Contingency Plan Product Schedule. The non-invasive, innovative, and self-powered OilClean system automatically distributes oil-eating microbes, nutrients, and oxygen and features onsite and remote system management capabilities. natural products for bioremediation Click here for press release re. OxyGreen Enviro-Equipment, Inc. project to remediate petro-contamination in ground water. trusted partner for remediation products microbial cleaners for multiple purposes

Oil-eating Israeli bacteria for BP spill article describes use of microbes to clean up the BP oil spill

Mosstile add oxygen to any living room. contaminated soil bioremediation, including oil spill pollution Terra Nova employs powerful microbes to break down hydrocarbon contamination into natural products.

Sarva Bio Remed LLC, a New Jersey-based company that manufactures microbial oil spill cleanup products, has located its headquarters in Greenville, Mississippi. for driveways, concrete, any surface; oil spill blog let's clean up the oil spill now using microbes JRW Bioremediation, LLC, in partnership with Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM), announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded a patent to the two companies for LactOil™ soy microemulsion. This renewable product enables environmental professionals to cost effectively clean-up soil and groundwater contaminated by chlorinated solvents, metals, nitrates and perchlorates. See press release.*

PermeOx® Plus - engineered calcium peroxide for enhanced aerobic bioremediation, now teaming with researchers to begin bioremediation of the Gulf* microbial cleaners oil spill bioremediation BlueInGreen®, LLC has received funding through the Rapid Response Program at the National Science Foundation (NSF) to deploy SDOX technology in bays and estuaries that have been contaminated from the Horizon Oil Spill. SDOX will efficiently deliver dissolved oxygen to targeted locations in the Gulf and will provide microbes with the oxygen required to rapidly break down hydrocarbons. separates oil from sand BioSanitizer Ecochips trigger ecoremediation, works on oil spills on land or at sea.

OilZapper Energy and environment think-tank The Energy and Research Institute (TERI) holds the patent for Oilzapper, a bio-friendly bacteria developed to reclaim agricultural land polluted by crude oil and other contaminants. Oilzapper powder is sprayed on an oil pool or contaminated soil and the bacteria "eat" all the contamination within three to four months. specialty chemicals, including microbial cleaners natural process to remove oil spills from beaches and water. (Biograssextra on Youtube: 1, 2, 3 birds/animals, 4 en espanol; many more)

Nualgi blog * website developing diatoms as nutrition for algae to restore ecological balance and oxygen levels.

Great Green Solutions bioremediation products, including enzymes HAZMAT response, site cleanup, water, soil, etc. - answers for Gulf clean-up

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Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
"We're developing enzymes that reduce environmental contamination by detoxifying polluting chemicals."

Greenday Environmental
Greenday Environmental has been offering a nationwide service since 1997. We offer a comprehensive range of Environmental, Recycling, Grease trap & drainage services for domestic and commercial sectors.

Ecosciences, Inc. Discusses New Products Plan

Asheville Fungi - suppliers of books, grow kits, spawn, cultivation supplies, DVDs, tinctures, and culinary goods.
"Mycoremediation is a method of using mushroom mycelium to remediate soils and waterways that have been contaminated. Different types of fungi can degrade toxins or sequester them to aid the removal of them from our environment. We produce many varieties of spawn that have been studied for application in bioremediation. Contact us to find out how we can help you clean up your property."

Hydra-bio Bacteria - Manufacturers & Suppliers of Biological Treatments
(based in UK)

Carbios - based in France
From concept to industrial bioprocess, Carbios empowers sustainability in chemistry for life

AAA Construction & Development ethical site clean-up "We have the solution to the BP oil spillage problem in the Gulf of Mexico." - Paul Chehade, company president (log onto main page, but turn down your volume settings - click here)

Recon construction site bioremediation (hit your volume button for this one too, although it is just a short dramatic flourish)

Intellishare Environmental bioremediation products groundwater and soil consultant

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