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Diatoms: Food for Microbes

Will increasing the diatom biomass of the world solve the problem of air and water pollution? inventors explain that "Growing Algae has the property to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen due to photosynthesis." They are working on Nualgi, which is an acronym for NUtrition for ALGae. It is remarkably adaptable and non-demanding. It can grow in fresh water, salt water, sewage, effluent, or anywhere. The diatom algae soon turns into zooplankton - fish food.

Microbes need oxygen and may cause depletion of oxygen in the water, leading to new problems. Nualgi solves this problem.

Bhaskar, of Kadambari Consultants Pvt. Ltd., challenges the science world with the question: "Will increasing the diatom biomass of the world solve the problem of air and water pollution?" He believes it will. [Editor's Note: This is a new technology that this website endorses. Enlightened people in the scientific community will look to natural processes like photosynthesis to cure the earth's environmental problems.] Go to the Nualgi blog - click here. Go to the website - click here.

Further information about the work of Kadambari Consultants:
Nualgi only contains silica and micro nutrients, there is no algae spores or organic matter in it.
It causes a bloom of diatoms that are naturally present in all water bodies.
That is why it can be used in all types of water, anywhere in the world.
There is no danger of introduction of foreign species.
Diatom algae are the best group of algae / phytoplankton.
They are responsible for about 25% of the oxygen in the atmosphere and 50% of the food in the oceans.
Diatoms are food for vertebrate fish and other algae such as Dinoflagellates (Red Tides) food for Jelly Fish.
Mammals may have evolved due to diatoms, diatoms are at the bottom of the food chain of whales.
To learn more, go to YouTube and use the keyword "nualgi."
The microbes used in bioremediation require oxygen, diatoms can provide that oxygen.
So microbes will work well and the CO2 they emit will be consumed by Diatoms.

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