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Welcome to Toxic Clean Up 911 /

Purpose Statement Toxic Clean Up 911 @ collects information on natural processes that break down toxic waste in the environment. Our favorites are microbes (bioremediation), fungus (mycoremediation), and plants (phytoremediation). We also collect information on green energy and methods to create a sustainable environment.

This site aggregates links to products, contractors, articles, and academic studies on the following topics:
EPA approved bioremediation products
Bioremediation of plastics
Bioremediation of heavy metals
Bioremediation of radiation
Phytoremediation, mycoremediation, phytotechnologies
Microbes and health
Positive energy sources
New ways to make water
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Disclaimer I started this site in 2012, so you can imagine some of the older articles and studies are broken links. If you want something with a broken link, try the keywords in an Internet search engine. You can probably find newer articles for the same subject.

Contact webmaster - this site is an ongoing project. I welcome contact from researchers offering constructive criticism, more links, and insights. - Nori


4 Pillars of a Sustainable Future
by Nori Muster

Green Energy
We move away from oil, coal, and nuclear power, to draw peaceful energy from renewable sources.

We heal toxic land and water through bioremediation, phytoremediation, mycoremedation, and replacing invasive species with native ecosystems.

We conserve our natural resources to reduce our carbon footprint, and reduce industrial animal agriculture in favor of a sustainable diet.

Modernize our Story of Nature
The old paradigm of environmental exploitation fades away. We enter the new paradigm of honoring nature, realizing we are of nature.

Future generations will remember the time when science finally turned toward nature to learn how to create a sustainable future.

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