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Welcome to Toxic Clean Up 911 /

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This site aggregates links to products, contractors, articles, and academic studies on the following topics:
EPA approved bioremediation products
Bioremediation of plastics
Bioremediation of heavy metals
Bioremediation of radiation
Phytoremediation, mycoremediation, phytotechnologies
New views of microbes
Positive energy sources
New ways to make water
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Purpose Statement Toxic Clean Up 911 @ is a central clearing house for bioremediation products to use in a toxic spill. The best bioremediation products are non-toxic, biodegradable, and depend on the action of friendly microbes, bacteria, enzymes, fungus, or plants.

Disclaimer I started this site in 2012, so you can imagine some of the older articles and studies are broken links. If you want something with a broken link, try the keywords in an Internet search engine. You can probably find newer articles for the same subject.

Contact webmaster - this site is an ongoing project. I welcome contact from researchers offering constructive criticism, more links, and insights. - Nori

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