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Mending Degraded Lands to Promote World Peace
During the 6th World Park Congress in Australia, Madam Monique Barbut, Executive Secretary of UNCCD Secretariat, and Mr. Wang Wenbiao, the Chinese role model for desertification combating and COP 11 award-winner of "World Dry Land Champion" jointly release the initiative of "Mending degraded Land to Promote World Peace and Security". It calls for an effective union to be set up by governments, international organizations, private enterprises, entrepreneurs, NGOs and the society, enhancing partnership for cooperation and dedicating to the global desertification combating for better eco-environment, alleviated poverty, world peace and security.

Purpose Statement Toxic Clean-up 911 @ is a central clearing house for bioremediation products to use in a toxic spill. The best bioremediation products are non-toxic, biodegradable, and depend on the action of friendly microbes, bacteria, enzymes, fungus, or plants.

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